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What is Content Creation and Content Industry?

Answer is everything.  Everything that you read, watch, listen and speak, is content. For example, this blog has Written Content. This text you are reading is the Content you are consuming. So, it's like Literature, Movies, Music and Art Forms. Content is whatever you experience in the media and on the internet. So, who is a Content 'Creator'? As you can guess, Content Creators are people who create the content. YouTubers, Journalists, Writer, Comedians, Game Streamers and many other professionals are content creators. In fact, UGC or User Generated Content includes your Comments, Posts and other Uploads. From a pure technical point, if you upload or share something made by others, you are a Third-Party Content Marketer. Content Marketing involves sharing a website link on your social media accounts. It can include Payment-based Facebook Ads or Google Ads. If I mention a software or a book in this blog, I am technically working as a Retail Marketer. If you purchase a produc